A lifetime in the sign of innovation
and success

P.E. LABELLERS was founded in 1974 by Mr. Bruno Negri and Mr. Mario Ballarotti who, with creativity and passion, have managed to make the Company a world leader in the field of automatic labelling machines, starting from a little workshop. Over the years, thanks to an increase in sales, P.E. strategy was to divide its production by making different plants dedicated to the various processes, in order to be able to fully satisfy the different markets demand and warrant customized solutions according to customer needs.

PE Labellers 2000

P.E. LABELLERS expansion. Due to the higher and higher demand of self-adhesive applications, P.E. creates a new Company managed by a team of engineers and professionals with twenty-years of experience in labelling and packaging sectors that is specialized in manufacturing self-adhesive labelling systems and linear self-adhesive labellers: Packlab.


To support the overseas labelling machines sales, P.E. inaugurates P.E. USA, American site of the group, strategically located in Cincinnati, Ohio (United States). P.E. USA take the place of B&J Machinery; company name change and production focus on labelling machines to enhance the presence of P.E. LABELLERS brand in the US.

P.E. designs the new labelling system for unsteady containers, ideal in cosmetic and personal-care fields.


R&D department releases the 12 pallets cold glue labelling unit for standard production. This labelling station has been subject to 3 years rigid precision and duration tests before getting P.E. engineers final approval.


P.E. introduces ROLLMATIC, an absolutely innovative labeller from many points of view: the mechanical configuration of the labelling station has been highly simplified compared to many known models so far. Reduced maintenance operations allowed by a forced oil recycling lubrication system. Easy to use thanks to a sophisticated computer managing all machine functions.


P.E. LABELLERS celebrates 30 years!


P.E. LABELLERS anticipates times with thermo-shrinking system. Thanks to new materials and special glues, we succeeded in obtaining in any case excellent results. This, together with the reliability of the roll-fed machines mod "Rollmatic" and the thermo shrinking tunnel manufactured by PE, enabled us to meet the requirements of very important Multinationals in various plants in Europe and in the Arab countries.

Presented at 20th SIMEI exhibition the first modular labeller with interchangeable labelling stations on trolleys. This is the first labeller able to fit all existing kinds of applications in a single machine body, having the possibility to easy change one another.


P.E. LATINA LABELERS has been inaugurated in San Paolo (Brazil) to promote the development and the sales of P.E. LABELLERS technology in Latin America market.


Due to the growth of its structure, P.E. labellers changes its legal name to S.p.A. (joint-stock company)

P.E. launches on the market the new 140m/min self-adhesive stations. The new self-adhesive labelling group for high speeds and the 5-axle adjustments have been completely re-designed to meet the application demands. The labelling group is particularly suitable for the beverage and mineral water sectors, which require high labelling performances.

Considering the success of ROLLMATIC roll-fed labellers, P.E. designs the linear version called ROLL-LINE, suitable to handle and label big containers (5-10 lt.)


P.E. LABELLERS 35th ANNIVERSARY. Watch the video.

In January 2009, PE Labellers opened the new production plant. With the "lean production" logic on the basis of which it was designed, and also to a highly qualified workforce, the production of as many as 24 labelling machines can be brought to completion simultaneously. Special attention has been placed on safety, preservation of the environment by minimizing environmental impact, energy saving, and recycling of all the materials used.

ADHESLEEVE TECHNOLOGY. A revolution in the field of Roll-Fed labelling: Adhesleeve offers standard and shrinkable decoration of container, merely by changing the type of (pre-glued) label reel. Label height and labelling speed are not affected by one another. This creates considerable savings on the cost of the labels and is easy to use.

3P Project: A novelty studied to make P.E. labellers less bulky and more accessible.
- PROTECTION: 100% safety during operation tank to the up and down safety guards that prevent the operator from reaching every moving part.
- PRACTICAL: 100% accessible for change-over and maintenance operations thanks to the new design of up and down safety guard doors.
- PRICE: The benefits derived from the daily use of the Ergonomic models quickly amortize the little extra charge on the cost of the base machine.